What is Prezi?

Where It All Began...


The innovative thinking tool

Prezi is a web-based presentation software with more than 60 Million users worldwide. It’s an innovative thinking tool to present and share ideas digitally that helps you to become a master in digital storytelling. It works as a movie canvas where You are the creator of the film scenario and You control the camera. With Prezi you will convey your message in a persuasive way and you will create amazing visual presentations that will never be forgotten.

But let’s see how it all began.

The Prezi Story

There was a creative Hungarian Architect student in Budapest 2007, Ádám Somlai-Fischer who wanted to present a plan of a building. He found that PowerPoint or Keynote won’t be enough in this matter. He wanted to present that in a different way that the viewer can see the whole building in one big picture but with every fine details (rooms inside for example). Therefore he created a zooming presentation canvas that shows relationships between the big picture and details.

Ádám joined forces with two other Hungarian creative minds from IT and business areas, Péter Halácsy and Péter Árvai in 2009. Then this story has ended up with the zooming presentation software, Prezi.

This interactive and dynamic surface for creating presentations has proved much more than just a new presentation software. It became an innovative tool for presentations that calls a powerful thing to life: storytelling.

Why Storytelling?

Storytelling is an ancient element in all of us, a magical tool that connects the audience with the presenter. Stories are one of the best ways to convey a message. Prezi is a great medium for stories and visual metaphors. When you create a Prezi, you are like a director of a movie. The endless canvas is yours, it’s up to you how you set up the scenes and your story can end up as a powerful, engaging Prezi presentation.

The Linear Box Problem                                                              

Our culture, including the education system has put us into a linear box where we got used to a linear way of thinking. When it came to presentations, almost everybody used PowerPoint which is restricted to “slide boxes”, one box after another. Most people used only bullet points, words, long titles, then subtitles and so on. This is linearity which is important though but not the natural way how our brain processes a message. We need to present our message in a holistic way as one big picture including the fine details instead of many pictures (slides) without clear connections. We have to switch on the non-linear side (creative, concrete, holistic) of our brain and use it together with our linear side (verbal, abstract, details). This is what happens when we create a Prezi.

Get Out of The Box with Prezi!


The interactive editing interface of Prezi

Prezi will get you out of the linear box by activating the nonlinear, associative nature of your brain.

We, DrPrezi Europe as a world class independent Prezi expert company are here to help you turning your message into an engaging Prezi presentation that will make you remembered.

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