It is a well-known fact that 90% of all Prezi users chose it for its “WOW” effect that helps the user capture and impress the audience instantly. And there is nothing wrong with this! If we have a new tool… we should make the most of it!

The question remains: what is the limit? The “WOW” effect is just the beginning of what Prezi has to offer. If we keep to this function, we can easily find ourselves awkwardly zooming and rotating every word without actually exploiting the possibilities offered by the software.

A good Prezi demonstrates the relationship between the parts and the whole. It places our message in a context. Thus, zooming and rotation become meaningful, and we can convey much more through them. This is the basis for a good presentation.

However, Prezi can be also useful in other areas. We often use it during joint brainstorming sessions from the get go. This way, anyone can add content to it the moment an idea materializes. We are not bound by location – we can easily collaborate between continents -, or by time, and when we meet, everyone can present their ideas. In effect, it is like a classic big whiteboard with a digital interface.

Both methods are worth using. The brainstorming function has a form of looseness that helps interpret the initially seemingly complicated world. The preparation of a presentation reveals such details that can only be found through such intense work.