Most people open up their laptop immediately as they start to plan their presentation. This causes lot of problems because at this stage we don’t have a clear structure about our presentation.

Planning your content is roughly the 80 percent of your presentation.

If you start with Prezi instead of PowerPoint, the problem is still the same, you don’t have a structure. Either you use Prezi or PowerPoint (or other softwares), the first step is to grab a paper and pencil, then start drafting your thoughts.

As your thoughts start to get a shape, you see categories, titles, subtitles. Now you have a first draft for your “table of content”. Yes, your content is always like a book, even if it’s a short one. After you have a structure, it’s time to open your Prezi (we suggest a blanket Prezi instead of template). At this stage you will see that having a structure in your mind about your content, will speed up the whole process. Your message will get only clearer, more concrete and you will gain more confidence as you know exactly what you are going to talk about during your presentation.

For drafting your thoughts in the planning phase, we suggest to use the mindmapping method.  Don’t get stuck on the rules, just let your thinking flow out and don’t limit this creative process with critical thinking like  – “hm, it should be better, it’s not exactly how I pictured that before”. You will have way more time for that in the next phase when you consolidate your content.

Go get your pencil and prepare your next presentation with a paper and you will be more confident and persuasive on stage.