Presentations are about storytelling.

And yes, Prezi is a platform for this – the best of its kind. If you read this article, probably you agree on that
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What are the assets that build up these stories? You can use images, videos, small amount of texts (no, not bullet points) and charts as well. There are a huge amount of applications that can help you to edit or generate images and videos, however there are way less opportunities to deal with charts.

And that’s where comes to the picture. They are able to generate not only beautiful charts, but infographics and interactive maps as well. And as you might have heard, Prezi has just acquired a few weeks ago. It has just happened, so we need to wait until they merge their forces, so let’s see what can we do right now.


Why is it better than the good ol’ Excel?

In you can choose from a huge amount of customizable templates and assets – including hundreds of maps. On the top of that you can simply embed it to your webpage and make it interactive. The visitors can play with the data – filter it as they would like to, and find the most exciting part for themselves. And you can collect data about what your audience found interesting.

So how to tell a story with data?

There is no rocket science around that. simple offers you a great amount of opportunity to express yourself and guide you through the information visualisation process that won’t soak up your creative energy, but pushes it. If you would like to be inspired, I highly recommend to check through these great examples on their page.

István Csúsz

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