The constant question is which one to use: PowerPoint or Prezi?

My honest answer is: Neither, but instead learn to speak, utilize the power of words and present with confidence, thus achieving constant attention.

My professional answer is: It depends.

Let us first examine my own example. With customers – in sales situations – I always use Prezi, but internally – during trainings – never.

Prezi still has the element of surprise; many listeners have never seen it. This is often an unsurmountable advantage over our competitors (even if the finished Prezi is not completely perfect). Obviously, this should be treated with caution. When encountering it for the second time, the audience will be more critical, and therefore the Prezi should be well made, as the expectations surrounding it will be constantly increasing.

Another huge advantage of Prezi is that it forces the creator to think, as its preparation is less of a mechanical process than that of PowerPoint. A more “extreme” use is how I choose to utilize it instead of mind-map softwares, because it is easier to insert contents other than simple texts, meaning images, videos.

If I have to work with strong visual contents – images, videos, pdf – I always recommend Prezi, because it makes life easier.

When to use PowerPoint then?

  1. If you only have a short amount of time. Let’s face it; this happens quite often in corporate scenarios. Prezi requires time for reflection and execution. In the case of “for tomorrow” situations, PowerPoint is always a better solution.
  2. If internal sharing is important, meaning that the material has to be circulated. The dimensions and form of Prezi do not make it practical for internal sharing, when users who are not familiar with the program have to work with it.
  3. If it is necessary to observe corporate standards. Prezi is listed almost nowhere is central corporate policies, and therefore it cannot be used in formal – often external – forms.
  4. If the material is to be presented only once, and it is not too long or important. Prezi always requires more work. The user has to consider whether using Prezi is worth their while.


In conclusion, both Prezi and PowerPoint have their uses, and our job is to use the correct one.