Prezi made the biggest announcement since its launch in 2009:
They released a new product, the Prezi Next.

What really is Next? As a summary, it is a re-built version of the classic Prezi (from now on called Prezi Classic) with:

  • New possibilities for structuring your content (with a few limitations compared to the Classic)
  • Analytics for online views
  • New platform based on HTML5. Say goodbye to Flash!

Why did Prezi decided to rebuild it?

The original application was under constant development since its release, however there were bigger and bigger barriers for moving forward. The death of the Flash was sung by many of the tech medias and the company was aware of it.
The development started around the time when I joined the company in early 2012. There were several concepts and directions. On one side of the axis there were the original features re-coded in HTML5, and on the opposite a completely new product with different functionalities. As I see the Prezi Next is around in the middle of this axis right now. They kept the original way of thinking in a mind map, however the logic of building up the content slightly changed (we are going to cover this in details in upcoming articles).

What does it mean for us, users?

You can start creating your presentations right now!
If you were registered before, you automatically got a Prezi Next license to your account, while you can keep using Prezi Classic. If you would like to sign up now, you are going to be able to do it only for the new platform.

What about DrPrezi and the Next?

As official experts, we were able to use it for a bit more than one year and help the development with our suggestions. Also we were preparing for the launch and created our new training material for the Prezi Next as well in different levels.
Designs in Next and Classic: We have already started creating prezis in the new platform and keep doing it in Classic as well. There are situations were we still recommend the original product, however new possibilities were opened with using two platforms.

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