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We love working in a team and combining our knowledge in order to design an amazing Prezi. What makes a great Prezi? We can distinguish 3 general skillsets.

1. You need a designer who knows how to execute visually engaging things.
2. You need a presentation specialist who knows how to develop a content that rocks.
3. A Prezi specialist will make the circle complete who knows exactly the software from inside and outside, what, where and why happens on the Prezi canvas.

We put these knowledge components together then we deliver you the best Prezi you have ever imagined. Last but not least, we need You as you will give us the most important inputs about your audience and your desired outcome with Prezi. Whether you meet us in our training or you find us with your Prezi design request, you will always work together with a special team serving your Presentation goal.

Please note that we don’t accept only visualization order because a great Prezi requires us to contribute for the messages too. This is the way your Prezi can be exactly the one you have imagined.


We design it for you based on our workflow (see below).


We assist you in your own Prezi design process what you already started by yourself. We can do it by video chat or in person.


Send us your complete Prezi or Prezis and we give you our expert tips tailored for You, how you could get the best out of it.

Note: FREE POST SUPPORT for former training attendees!


2 days left and your Prezi is still a mess? It’s even get worse as you try to make it better and your deadline makes you just more stressed?

Then it’s time to call the experts and we will help you out fast but with high quality work.

DrPrezi Europe Intro

by Zoltán dr. Németh

Farm to fork

by Zoltán dr. Németh

DrPrezi Europe from Hungary

by Zoltán dr. Németh


by Zoltán dr. Németh

Istvan Csusz Presume

by Zoltán dr. Németh

World Press Photo, Budapest

by Zoltán dr. Németh


by Zoltán dr. Németh


by Zoltán dr. Németh

DIM Tech introduction

by Zoltán dr. Németh

Könyvvizsgálóbarát szoftver statisztika

by Zoltán dr. Németh


by Zoltán dr. Németh

Mamaison Hotels

by Zoltán dr. Németh

In our 3+1 steps process we will make sure to deliver you the most engaging Prezi for you to convince your audience.

1. COLLECTING INPUT (6-12 hours)

As a first step we process any possible information what you have in mind about your desired results, about your expectations. In best case you already have a draft in any kind of form (PowerPoint, PDF, Word file, hand written material, etc.). Together we articulate your messages of your company or your certain product that you want to communicate to your audience.


We demonstrate you a structure with a visual concept that supports you to convey your messages in the most efficient way.

3. DESIGNING THE PREZI (10-30 hours)

After you have approved the visual plan, we execute that in Prezi focusing on the messages. In this phase we work in a shared Prezi, where You always can have a look at it and give a feedback during the process.

4. CONSULTING (Optional)

We can also consult you how to present your Prezi from the public speaking, rhetoric perspective. We can work together on the stories, metaphors, analogies related to your Prezi, on a strong opening and finish.

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