There are many things we suspect in our life. Our gut helps us constantly in decisions making. For instance to jump into a business, to buy a tool or even in choosing a partner. In many times the feelings are correct, and sometimes they are wrong. This is the reason why we like to walk around any kind of topics because our feelings can trick us. We need a proof.

This is something we’ve known from the beginning.

When I started using Prezi more than 6 years ago, I had a feeling: This is what going to help us – presenters, storytellers, lecturers – to get to the next level. After years and 100s of projects, this feeling has been getting stronger. We were confident about the impact compared to PPT or other visual tools. However, we were extremely curious how much better this tool. About 1.5 years ago we started to create concepts and scenarios where we can measure this objectively. We contacted our alma mater to design this test. Then all of a sudden I heard, the Harvard Business Review started to work on something, a great battle between the biggest presentation platforms. Then there was a long silence…

Release in the Harvard Business Review of the test results

With this research, we got even more. Besides PPT there was another competitor, the oral presentations – aka nor distraction, neither visual help.
Let’s get to the numbers: The research concluded the Prezi presentations were more organized (13%), engaging (16%), persuasive (22%), and effective (25%) than both PPT and oral presentations.

If you would like to read more about the topic check out this Forbes article:

If you would like to get detailed information about the research, visit this page:

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