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DrPrezi Europe es un experto Prezi independiente oficial expecializada en formación de Prezi y diseño de prezis. Estamos asentados en Budapest y nuestra misión es ayudar a la gente a transmitir sus mensajes de forma memorable usando Prezi.

En Budapest, en 2010, Prezi estaba en una fase muy temprana de desarrollo, aún como una genial idea húngara. Nosotros, como expertos en presentaciones locales ya éramos colaboradores de Prezi cuando era una startup de apenas 10 personas en una “oficina garaje”. Inmediatamente nos dimos cuenta del gran potencial de esta herramienta, y nos centramos en enseñar a la gente a cómo usarlo de forma efectiva. En 2010 establecimos nuestra empresa independiente de expertos en Prezi en Budapest. Hemos crecido a la vez que Prezi, que actualmente dispone de más de 60 millones de usuarios en todo el mundo, y seguimos trabajando conjuntamente a diario con ellos.

En los últimos seis años, hemos hecho esta herramienta popular en Hungría, y también de forma internacional, convirtiéndonos en una de las mejores empresas en Europa.

El poder de nuestro equipo reside en nuestra diversidad. Somos especialistas en áreas como arquitectura, diseño gráfico, diseño de movimiento y producción de video, oratoria y marketing. Todos nosotros estamos comprometidos con el hablar en público porque sabemos que donde realmente brilla Prezi es en el escenario.

José Blasco

Bertalan Köles


es Bertalan is the Head of German Operations at DrPrezi Europe, he is located in Frankfurt, Germany. Bertalan holds Prezi Trainings and functions as our International Support.

Bertalan’s Prezi story in a nutshell: “our mind is full of thoughts (ideas), some of them could even change the world. As long as our thoughts don’t have a clear structure, we are not able to communicate them and they will stay invisible without any impact in our environment. Until we find the way to make them tangible and it won’t work without visualization.

8 years ago in my business studies I found a way to make my thoughts tangible by using the method Mindmapping. The next step was to find a tool that makes me able to present my Mindmaps to an audience and that was Prezi. After then I started to help people how to do this effectively.

Prezi works just like our brain, it thinks in pictures. Prezi helps to reduce the complexity, makes our message simple and most importantly, memorable. Our brain is a super complex thing but we can convey our message easily by visual storytelling and for that Prezi is a brilliant tool.“

Zoltán dr. Németh

Anna Bojti

Lead Prezi Designer, Architect

I studied Architecture in Budapest and Denmark then I graduated at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in the Faculty of Architecture, in 2006. I worked in The Netherlands for Snelder Architect then in Budapest for Fejérdy & Bartók Architects where we won the Pro Architectura price. In 2010 I got into digital graphic design then in 2012 I met the software Prezi. In this program I had a great chance to take advantage of my conceptual thinking from architecture, besides I could also use my graphical (including web design) knowledge. Then I fell in in love with this software and since 2013 I focus only on Prezi design. At the same time I keep educating myself to be the very best in my profession.


István Csúsz

Co-Founder, Trainer and Coach

Whether it’s a presentation, a photo, a video or an architectural space, István’s passion is all about visual communication.

After finishing his high school he specialized in media. Then he studied architecture at the Budapest University of Technology and the VIA University College in Denmark where he graduated.

István is a big time fan and user of Prezi from the very beginning. He and his colleague Tamás Mester wrote the first Hungarian educational manual of applying Prezi, in the Department of Technical Pedagogy. That’s how he got involved in education and training.

He is a Co-Founder, trainer and coach at DrPrezi Europe, plus a staff member at in the team of Learn and Support.

Levente Kovácsik

Head of Design, Trainer, Speaker

Levente Kovácsik is a trainer, speaker and the strategist for corporate identitiy at DrPrezi Europe.

I see myself as a “go to guy” person who always likes new projects and new ideas. This kind of momentum has pushed me and that’s how I met Prezi long time ago. Working with Prezi I consider as a complex creative process compare to an average Presentation design work. This special way of thinking and creativity that Prezi requires from me, I always use in my other projects too. I believe in the concept that the journey is more important than the goal itself.

Tamás Mester

Co-Founder and Trainer

Tomi Mester is one of the Co-Founders of DrPrezi Europe, he also holds trainings and workshops. His thoughts:
“To make ideas happen, you need to be a great presenter on the stage! You need to impress your audience. Two things can help you to reach this goal: a good talk and a good visualization. I truly believe – and also experienced several times -, that Prezi is a tool that not only presents what’s in your head, but it also helps you to make order in it.
More people use Prezi, more ideas can actually happen. That’s why we started DrPrezi Europe years ago!

My other project is I speak on international conferences like TEDxYouth, InternetHungary, Barcelona E-commerce Summit about the big data topic. Technical speeches are always tricky, but Prezi helps me out!”

Zoltán Major

Prezi Trainer & Designer, Video content producer

Hi! This is Pepe, I’m a motion and graphic designer. At DrPrezi Europe I hold Prezi trainings and design Prezi Presentations. In both areas I always focus on storytelling which is a very important part of my “video character”. Conveying the information in an enjoyable way is something which I love and I focus on that all the time no matter if it’s about a training or converting an excel sheet into a Prezi. Beside all of this I produce self-made animation movies at my own studio, Kaleida Works.

Éva Tóbiás

Director of Operations

I organize the open trainings (, held by DrPrezi Europe in Hungary.  I assure, that the frameworks are eligible for an efficient, high standard trainings.

Besides I’m working at the Enetha Learning ltd, as a director of operations.

Adam Kovacs

Prezi Trainer & Designer

Adam studied architecture in Finland and at the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary. He earned his Msc diploma in the latter one in 2014. After graduating he has been called upon to be a teacher at the Department of Architectural Representation and that is still where he teaches. He believes in the power of visual communication and that those who do not know how to use it has a handicap, therefor he passionately tries newer and newer methods to train these skills no matter if it is photography, film making or presentation.

LalaRukh Osama

Country Manager - Pakistan, Talent Management

LalaRukh is the first official Prezi trainer in Pakistan. She’s extremely passionate about what she does. She is a marketer by profession and a public speaker by nature.

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