Learn the headline technique from Ogilvy and control the verbal part of your content in the most effective way.

This headlines technique is about how your eyes work, how your brain records the written words visually (titles, headlines) in the most effective way.

We see headlines, titles every day. Why is that some of them take our attention and some will not? And why is it important when you start to build up your presentation in your presentation software?

Goal: Let’s have a look at the background of this great know-how from Ogilvy. And how you can perfectly apply this in your Prezi.

Whatever your message may be, you need verbal support as well. You can’t focus only on visual language, otherwise it turns into almost art which is probably not your market if you are about to create and sell your presentation. You need clear visual language which already includes a clear structure and you will have to summarize your message only with keywords.

Keywords are the power buttons in our rational brain. We use our rational brain to speak, to think logically, going through different options in order and to name objects like “car, television, wallet”, etc. If you know your audience, then you must know what words they use when they think about your product or service.

Use your keywords for your presentation this way and your message will stick in your audience’s mind.