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Bertalan Köles


br Bertalan is the Head of German Operations at DrPrezi Europe, he is located in Frankfurt, Germany. Bertalan holds Prezi Trainings and functions as our International Support.

Bertalan’s Prezi story in a nutshell: “our mind is full of thoughts (ideas), some of them could even change the world. As long as our thoughts don’t have a clear structure, we are not able to communicate them and they will stay invisible without any impact in our environment. Until we find the way to make them tangible and it won’t work without visualization.

8 years ago in my business studies I found a way to make my thoughts tangible by using the method Mindmapping. The next step was to find a tool that makes me able to present my Mindmaps to an audience and that was Prezi. After then I started to help people how to do this effectively.

Prezi works just like our brain, it thinks in pictures. Prezi helps to reduce the complexity, makes our message simple and most importantly, memorable. Our brain is a super complex thing but we can convey our message easily by visual storytelling and for that Prezi is a brilliant tool.“

Zoltán dr. Németh

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