Would you like to impress your colleagues, your boss or possibly new investors with Prezi.com?

In most cases, the reason why internal and external corporate presentations are not made with Prezi is because the use of the use of (boring : -) corporate templates is compulsory, which are – obviously – based on PowerPoint. This problem however is only illusory. A template is never about the insertion of template backgrounds. Instead, the point is to clarify that we represent the given company by our presentation.

Now I will go on to show you how to create unique and stylish presentation “templates” on Prezi.com, while still adhering to company expectations.

  1. The first step, after opening the editing interface, is to align with the company’s color scheme. We can create our own themes beside the existing ones in the “Customize” menu.
    2016-08-22_0031A side bar will open on the right side. Scroll down to the bottom and you will find the “Advanced” option. Click on it, please.
    A pop-up window will open, called Theme Wizard (or we can call, Advanced Theme editor):Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 00.30.40


This is where all text types and graphic elements can be assigned their own color through the so-called RGB color coding. This feature is helpful because the exact company colors can be assigned to the presentation. Finding the right shade of green can be a life-changing experience…

But how can we find out the RGB code of our company colors? The three easiest solutions are as follows:

Either 1. Ask your colleagues.
or: 2. Download it from the company website.
or: 3. “Steal” it from the company logo, using a free utility called ColorPic. (For Mac users there is a built in solution: Digital Color Meter.)

Simply insert the correct numbers into the correct boxes and click on the “Done” tab in the lower right corner, and the desired colors will appear.

  1. The second step: set up your company logo in the bottom left corner. Once this is done, your own pictogram will accompany your presentation. (Note that this possibility is only open to those with a paid Prezi license. Changes can be made in the Advanced Theme editor with the “Repace logo” feature.)
  2. The third step: set up the background color. This can also be done in the Advanced Theme editor. However, I will show you a new method instead that allows for more freedom in editing, and which will even distinguish you among the Pro Prezi.com users.
    We will use the magic key combo once again: CTRL+SHIFT+C. A new, so-called CSS menu will pop up on the left side, like this:
    (If, for some reason this is not what you see, then go to the Advanced Theme editor and you will see the CSS editor option on the very bottom of the pop-up window.)


Let me show you how does it work through an example, changing the background color:

CTRL+SHIFT+C keyboard shortcut and search for the line below:


gradEnd: #fff;
gradStart: #fff;

Here we can use this handy little method to change the background: we do not simply add a solid fill, but one that is beautifully gradient ombre. Once again, the red “fff” letters stand for color codes. If we change the one after “gradEnd”, then the background color will change at the bottom of the screen, and if we modify the one after “gradStart”, then it will apply to the top of the screen. These two colors will then flow into each other, creating an ombre effect. (Important 1: the character # has to be kept. Important 2: the changes only take effect after pushing the bottom right “Apply” tab.) How to get your company’s color codes for this? Obviously, by using ColorPic again!

(Do not be surprised, most #XXXXXX format color codes are made up of six digits.)

If you have taken these 3 steps, then you have surely met corporate expectations. You can move on to creative presentation making. Have fun.